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The homeschooling community in Los Banos California has a real friend in OurLosBanos.com! Our homeschooling section provides readers with a rich selection of homeschool resources to aid homeschoolers in Merced County and elsewhere in their quest for outstanding home education.

This section is not only great for home educators but provides a wonderful set of ancillary material for children or teachers involved in public or private schools.

Topics and sub-topics are listed alphabetically. If you don't see something you think our site should offer or still just can't find what you're looking for, contact us!

The following is the site map for Our Los Banos Ca. Homeschool Section.

Homeschool Section

Our homeschooling section is a huge site unto itself. Find free curriculum, printables, worksheets and much more. Visit the homeschool sitemap at the bottom of this page if you wish.

Site Map for Our Los Banos.com's Homeschool Section:

The following is the site map for our homeschooling section of Our Los Banos.com.

Welcome to Our Homeschool Resources Site Home Page
Our homeschooling homepage

Blog, Soapbox and Articles

Article: Our Experiences with Math and Math Curriculums
PDF: Purity Resources

Calendar of Events for Local Homeschoolers

These pages show activities for Central Valley Home Scholars, and also events that may be interesting, educational or just plain old fun for other homeschoolers and families.

August 2006
September 2006
October 2006
November 2006
December 2006
January 2007
February 2007
March 2007
April 2007
May 2007

Contact Us

Curriculum Launch Page

Homeschool Curriculum and Materials Providers

These pages link companies providing certain curriculums, materials and supplies. These links are great if you are looking for a certain type of curriculum or would like to ask for catalogs to browse. It's always nice to find out about new homeschooling companies and maybe discover materials you never knew about!

Art Curriculum, Materials and Supplies
Computer Related Materials
Foreign Language Curriculum and Materials
History, Geography, Social Studies Curriculum and Materials
Language Arts Materials and Supplies
Magazine Subscriptions
Math Curriculum and Materials
Multi-Subject Curriculum and Materials
Music Curriculum, Materials and Supplies
One Stop Curriculum Providers
Online Learning
"Other Stuff" (aka What Wouldn't Fit in the Other Categories)
Our American History Curriculum

*See History in this site map for more American History Curriculum Pages

Science Curriculum and Materials
Special Education and or Learning Disabilities Curriculum and Materials
Test Prep Materials
Testing and Assessment Links
Traditional Textbook and Materials Providers
Video and DVD's

Downloads Page

Currently we do not have any downloads, this is a "coming soon" feature of the site. We need copyright free photos for this area. If you would like to donate photos or a subscription to an image source website, please contact us.

Forums Launch Page

Great Links

Our Requirements for Website Additions

Art Related and Craft Links

Art and Drawing Lessons
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History Curriculum:

Our American History Curriculum

A literature based unit study covering early America up to the Civil War.

American History Year One ONLINE

This is our complete American History curriculum / unit study online!

Books and Materials

A complete list of books, videos and materials used in our history curriculum with special helps like book reviews, suggestions for certain titles, links to pictures and more.

Books and Materials List for Topic 1
Books and Materials List for Topic 2
Books and Materials List for Topic 3
Books and Materials List for Topic 4
Books and Materials List for Topic 5
Books and Materials List for Topic 6
Books and Materials List for Topic 7
Books and Materials List for Topic 8
Books and Materials List for Topic 9
Books and Materials List for Topic 10
Books and Materials List for Topic 11
Books and Materials List for Topic 12
Books and Materials List for Topic 13
Books and Materials List for Topic 14
Books and Materials List for Topic 15
Books and Materials List for Topic 16
Books and Materials List for Topic 17
Books and Materials List for Topic 18
Books and Materials List for Topic 19
Books and Materials List for Topic 20
Books and Materials List for Topic 21
Books and Materials List for Topic 22
Books and Materials List for Topic 23
Books and Materials List for Topic 24
Books and Materials List for Topic 25
Books and Materials List for Topic 26
Books and Materials List for Topic 27
Books and Materials List for Topic 28

Daily Schedule

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four
Week Five

Week Six
Week Seven
Week Eight
Week Nine

*More weekly schedules coming soon!

Book Notes and Study Guides

The Birchbark House

History Pockets, Grades 1-3, Native Americans

Night Bird: A Story of the Seminole Indians

The Story of the U.S.A. Book 1 Explorers and Settlers

Tikta'Liktak An Eskimo Legend

*More book notes and study guides coming soon!


Topics List for American History Year One

Topic 1 Native Americans: Seminoles
Topic 2 Native Americans: Northeast Indians
Topic 3 Native Americans: Great Plains Indians
Topic 4 Native Americans: Southwest Indians
Topic 5 Native Americans: Nez Perce
Topic 6 Native Americans: Northwest Coast Indians
Topic 7 Native Americans: Inuit
Topic 8 Discovery and Leif Erickson
Topic 9 Discovery and Columbus
Topic 10 Incas, Mayans and Aztecs; Cortes and Pizzarro
Topic 11 Discovery and Exploration
Topic 12 English in America: Pocahontas, Jamestown
Topic 13 Pilgrims
Topic 14 Colonies and Benjamin Franklin
Topic 15 French and Indian War
Topic 16 George Washington and More About the Colonies
Topic 17 The Revolutionary War
Topic 18 The Constitution and a New Government
Topic 19 A First President, a New Country and Johnny Appleseed
Topic 20 Lewis and Clark
Topic 21 Monroe Doctrine and the War of 1812
Topic 22 Andrew Jackson; The Trail of Tears
Topic 23 Inventions and Changes
Topic 24 The Alamo
Topic 25 The Gold Rush and Pioneers
Topic 26 Pioneers and Moving West
Topic 27 Abraham Lincoln, Slavery and the Civil War
Topic 28 The Transcontinental Railroad and George Washington Carver

Pictures of Our History Activities, Projects and More

Inuit History Pocket
Iroquois History Pocket and Activities
Navajo History Pocket
Nez Perce History Pocket
Plains Indians History Pocket and More
Plains Indians Village
Native American History Pockets
Northwest Coast Indians History Pocket
Northwest Coast Indians Punch-Out Village
Seminole Indians History Pocket
Sugar Cube Igloo 1
Sugar Cube Igloo 2

PDF (for our curriculum) Download Page

Word Document (for our curriculum) Download Page


Homeschool Ideas, Methods and Philosophies:

Classical Education

Language Arts

Language Arts Worksheets
Notebooking Printables

Lesson Plans and Unit Studies

Our American History Curriculum
(Which is easily adapted for separate unit studies)


Article: Our Experiences with Math and Math Curriculums
Math Printables

Math Supplements
Teaching Textbooks Math Curriculum Article / Opinion Piece


Park Day

Local homeschoolers can come and join us for park day!


We currently offer a bunch printables on our site! We'll be working on and adding many more! Contact us for your requests.

Homeschool Printables: Language Arts
Homeschool Printables: Math
Notebooking Printables


Reviews and Opinions Section

Review and Opinion of Sonlight Curriculum

What's New

Don't want to search the individual pages for new items? Visit the what's new page to get a listing of all new additions to the homeschooling section of our site.


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