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If you are a person looking for employment in Los Banos Ca or if you are an employer offering jobs in Los Banos you may have come to the right place. This portion of the OurLosBanos.com website is a place where we hope that you will find resources to help you in your search for an occupational or career match.

The workforce in Los Banos California runs the gamut from very highly skilled and technical people (who in many cases would prefer to no longer have to commute over the hill to Silicon Valley) to those who would be considered part of an unskilled labor force who require entry level positions. It is our hope that this page will help connect employers to job seekers and help to provide opportunities for the unemployed as well as the Human Resources people to find each other.

We do not list classified job listings directly on this page nor do we have a resume or head hunting service. Instead we want to provide employers and potential employees with leads on how to connect with each other. Of course both employers and people looking for work are encouraged to use the Employment and Help Wanted section of the OurLosBanos.com forums to connect, but this page is more geared toward pointing people toward resources in Los Banos that specialize in connecting HR departments with people looking for work in whatever occupation. Again, we are pleased to have businesses post (for free) job listings including paid and volunteer opportunities on the bulletin board.

We will also list some of the services offered for the unemployed such as assistance programs which will help people with career development and trade and vocational training. It is beyond the scope of this page to list unemployment and so called entitlement programs available through the county such as welfare, food stamps and unemployment.

Specific Los Banos Employment Resources

Employment Development Department #109
Job Service Office
1075 H Street Los Banos Ca. 93635
Jobseekers: 209-826-0420
Employers: 209-826-0420
Employers Fax: 209 826-4068

Private Industry Training Department
848 Sixth Street
Los Banos California 93635

King's View Work Experience Center
The primary mission of the Kings View Work Experience Center (KVWEC) is to serve people who have developmental disabilities Established in 1973 as part of the Merced County Mental Health Program
703 I Street
Los Banos, CA 93635
1-209 826-8118

Local Newspapers
The local Los Banos newspapers usually have classified ads with job listings. Subscribe to the local papers and peruse the help wanted ads.

OurLosBanos Employment Forum
Employment discussion, Help Wanted, and Seeking Employment Ads. Are you looking for a job? Are you looking for a new employee? Post Los Banos area employment ads here for free!

Merced County Job Search Resources

Merced County Human Resources Administration
Merced County Job Hotline 1-209-385-7516

Worknet of Merced County
800 Seventh Street
Los Banos California 93635

Merced County Human Services Agency Employment and Training Division
848 Sixth Street
Los Banos Calif. 93635

Specific Employers In Los Banos Job Listings
The following companies post their local hiring needs on their linked sites.

City Of Los Banos City Job Listings & HR
Human Resources Director
520 J Street
Los Banos, Ca. 93635
209-827-7000 extension 124

Los Banos Unified School District
Openings List
1717 S. 11th St.
Los Banos, California 93635
Fax: 209-826-6810

Memorial Hospital Job Listings
520 W I Street
Los Banos, CA 93635

(If you know of any other companies in Los Banos Calif. that maintain an online help wanted / jobs offered section please let us know!)

More General Employment Resources

Ed Join - Teacher / Educational System Employment Offered Listings


CentralValleyJobs.com - General Job Openings And Help Wanted Ads

CentralValleyHelpWanted.com - Localized Employee Recruiting:

Nation Wide Employment Resources:

We hope you have found this page on Employment and jobs in Los Banos Ca helpful. If you are an employer offering jobs in Merced County California or are listing career development options for people to avail themselves of, please hang out your virtual " Help Wanted in Los Banos " sign and post something to our employment forum in addition to utilizing the above resources. This page lists resources dealing with occupational and vocational opportunities. Some Human Resources and unemployment programs as well as worknet training programs are also listed. It is our hope that we will help connect the labor force of Los Banos with HR departments and other job service organizations.

If you know of anything else that should be listed here please do let us know!


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