Why Travel Los banos

Los Banos is part of the Bay area the home of the NBA champions Golden state warriors. This city is also home for champion Spring baths that can be located in many parts of this city. Having the demographics of this city near the border of California and is covered with sea and ocean helps that identity.

From natural resources to it’s industrialized place this city really can boast wonderful place to stay in and have a good week of vacation and resting in this place. Why do you need to travel in this place. This city and community offer a lot in a total package. Perhaps you want to watch the warriors in the NBA playoffs the mileage distance travelling time can push to an hour drive. This place is also is highly industrialize from roads, to companies and to places you can visit. It’s creek are very mind blowing and how it was found and discovered. It also boast a beautiful reservoir in San Luis 12 miles in the west of the capital of Los Banos.
(See below picture for reference)

This place is highly commercialize as well, having being part of California affects that as california boast $ 2.5 Trillion GDP. You can shop all you want in this place with beautiful mall’s and supermarket transportation is not problem since roads are very wide and traffic is controlled. And since this place also boast beautiful waters like San Luis reservoir and Los banos creek you can just go camping and have fishing.

Travel now, this place might not offer like that of Los Angeles or New york. But this place can still offer that American dream!