Brief History

In 1840 the first white American to settle was Uriah Wood this is taken from the Mexican Land Grant records, but according to the first explorers to go to this place many American Indians already visited and possibly inhabitated this place. However, the legal rights of claiming belong to Uriah Wood who built a two room cottage in 1859.
Because of the geographic location of Los banos, the early Los banos residents have plenty of land and water legal. The main park of Los banos can be located at the downtown part where the Plaza of Miller stands. This is to honor Henry Miller a California rancher. To this date this can be found with designs of a bronze statue of Miller surrounded with cow statues. His achievements include that of monopolizing the California agricultural sector that created a firm that is thriving for success.

Spanish and Portuguese Coloniality

Los Banos by its name is already Spanish/Portuguese esque. Likewise the nearby towns and cities of San Joaquin Valley itself is filled with many Spanish and Portuguese explorers,immigrants and missionaries. That is why many places in Los banos are spanishesque name like a town “Arroyo” and “Basques”.

As the name itself was derived from the name of a Franciskan Monk from Spain. After following the creek in the valley of San Joaquin. He found out that there was a creek there so he called it the Los Banos Crick. Later when the first municipality was established in the year 1874 the town was named after him and so the rest became history – Los Banos, CA.