The City Of Los Banos California

The City of Spring Baths

Los Banos came from the Spanish word which means  ” The baths ” this name springed out of the a spring located in the western San Joaquin valley. Los Banos is located in San Joaquin valley where the the spring name originated. It is a city known for being in the border of the the continent.  It’s name was influence by Spanish people as well as some of the explorers leave a mark of their name here.

While exploring this place it was seen that there are many kinds of wild living in this place such as pelicans, grizzly bears, bucks etc.   The name Los banos was inspired when a spanish explorer a franciscan monk named El arroyo de los Banos del arroyo was  stationed at San Juan Bautista and he discovered a stream of water in the little creek located at the San Joaquin Valley of mountains. He first named the Los Banos Crick but at an extended time it became “Los Banos” after the Post Office Department of the community named the city after the beautiful creek.


The circumstance allowed the influence of the name having massive floods at that time to push him go to near San Joaquin Valley. Moreover, the first Post Office was established at 1874 thus the name was officially used for more than 140 years to this date.

To this date Los Banos is not that dense having only ~40,000 population and having  25.8 km2  to share with.      


This city boast a rich history, a rich culture, good people and a city hard to forget. Through this page let’s see the Ecstatic of this city and its beauty.