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For those new to OurLosBanos.com.. you may have a question:
"WHAT is THIS site - Our Los Banos - all about?"

Our Los Banos is an information portal, presented to the community as our free gift. It is intended to be used by our neighbors as well as people visiting our community.

We hope you enjoy 'opinion-rich journalism' usually with a generally positive twist. Though this site and the stories and articles presented herein are based totally on our own opinions, our goal is to bring a unique community-centric approach to what we do.. We try to accomplish the above through producing stories, articles, and photojournalistic essays on community events, news, and other interesting happenings.

It is our hope that through these pieces people will develop a sense of community and perhaps be interested enough to help or participate in some of the things that Los Banos has to offer.

We see OurLosBanos.com (in part) as our version of service to our community. As freelance journalists we also regularly contribute to local as well as regional newspapers and other publications as either stringers or reporters.

Our contributions have included photography, news articles, event coverage, and feature / spotlight pieces. We really do love our town and want to help Los Banos by giving something back to our city in our own small way.

We hope you will enjoy what you find on these pages.

Along with this website - here are some of our other web-based contributions to this community:

Germino, Amaral, and Jordan Professional Law Corporation - This site just went on the air a few days ago. If you are looking for a local Los Banos Attorney who can handle cases of many kinds - from civil litigation to family law to immigration issues you might want to check in with the attorneys over at Los Banos Lawyers .com

The Los Banos Chamber of Commerce has entrusted us to design and build their official website! We are honored to have been selected. On September 22 we put their website on the air! We provided the design and photos and they provided the text!

Los Banos Chamber of Commerce

M & M Italian Restaurant and Lounge M&Ms now has a brand new website - developed by us - to help them attract new customers and showcase their menu. The site is a photo-rich website and it is one that we are prety proud of!

M and M Italian Restaurant Los Banos

The new location features better parking, a larger building, and some really special surprises for regular and new customers alike!

Los Banos Tomato Festival
The Los Banos Tomato Festival Website!

The Los Banos Chamber of commerce asked us to develop a website for the upcoming Los Banos Tomato Festival. We have just updated this website! The festival will have fun and games for the kids, cooking demonstrations, vendors of all kinds, lots of entertainment, and much more.

Los Banos Rotary Club Website

The Los Banos Rotary Club Website is now on the air! The couple that runs OurLosBanos.com is proud to support the Los Banos Rotary and are happy to have donated some of our time and effort to the website's construction. We also provided many of the the photographic images and news stories included on the site.
Click on over to the new Los Banos Rotary website and have a look around!

Soroptimist Sierra Pacific Region

The Soroptimist Sierra Pacific Region Soroptimist website is now on the air! The couple that runs OurLosBanos.com is proud to support our Regional Soroptimist organization and are happy to have accomplished the website construction and some photography (sans text) to the regional SI organization. Click on over to the Soroptimist Sierra Pacific website!

Los Banos Soroptimist

The Los Banos Soroptimist website is now on the air! The couple that runs OurLosBanos.com is proud to support the Los Banos Soroptimists and are happy to have donated the website construction and photography (sans text) to the local SI organization. Click on over to the new LB Soroptimist website and have a look around

Guest Hollow Homeschoolinng Aids

Guesthollow is a large website devoted to homeschooling. We developed Guesthollow.com to give something back to the homeschooling community. Guesthollow.com features free curricula and supplements, pintables, timelines, schedules, and more. We present educational material and home school reviews, blogging, and much much more. Guesthollow is a vast site with HUNDREDS of free homeschool items (most of which we have developed ourselves) , information, and links to other outstanding homeschool resources, GuestHollow is a great resource for those who wish to supplement their home school or public school materials.

Information Section -
Discover Los Banos Info Quickly

The Informational Section of OurLosBanos.com (part of which you are reading now) is a rich and detailed resource intended to give site visitors an overview of our opinions about the City of Los Banos California and, more importantly, to provide avenues for learning more information about our town.

This general informational section includes hundreds of pages of information on parks, real estate, recreation, churches, public education and schools, a guide to moving to Los Banos, government contact points, jobs / employment and some information on public safety. There is also an extensive section on Community Clubs, Groups, Orders, & Organizations .

We also provide Los Banos maps, photos, a downtown shopping directory, an overview of Los Banos history,and local weather information

There is also a portion of the site we call "Our Town" which is a catchall section for neat things that do not fit in some of the other categories.

Of course no site would be complete without direct editorial opinions - and we share our personal viewpoints freely throughout the site but especially on our opinion blog which features an ever expanding "What This Town Needs" series of opinion pieces.

We hope to provide website visitors with a 'one stop shop' where they can find leads, direct information, and importantly links to other sites relating to Los Banos and our community.

To explore our opinions in the informational section of OurLosBanos.com, select any of the links in the above paragraphs or any of the buttons on the left side of this page. Take your time and explore this site! We think you'll find some nice surprises.

Commercial Structure Fire in Los Banos
Previous Stories and Photo Essays - click here to see even more!

Has it been FIVE YEARS already?!?!?

YUP!!! It has been a half decade since we started this website in the summer of 2006. Many things have happened in that time. We have enjoyed evolving this site - trying new things an replacing others... and we are still going strong - despite the fact this has all been a voluntary effort on our part.

Early on we introduced the public to our motto about community service:

If everyone in Los Banos would just take 1 or 2 hours a month to do something to help their neighborhood or their community we could truly make Los Banos the gem of the valley ...

Our Los Banos celebrated FIVE YEARS of doing just that this summer. We have really enjoyed all of the opportunities that doing so has opened up and we hope that you are still enjoying this site and that it has been helpful to you.


We genuinely appreciate links from other websites to OurLosBanos.com. If you have a webpage of any kind please link us. There are free linking graphics available here if you would like to grab a button to use on your site. Likewise if you have a site specifically related to Los Banos or a local business, or community group or organization we would be quite pleased to link to you. Let us know!

Would you like to know more about OurLosBanos.com?
Click here to read more About Us

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